May 27th, 2009

kemonotachi no yoru


Lookie what I found! ^o^ (It's also listed on Amazon JP.) Looks like that bit from 2ch about a HakuYou OST is true. Very little info about it though. ^^;; Just a price (Y3000), the release date (Jul 3), and number of disks (1) really. As always, the official anime website doesn't have any updates about it. >.> (......'As always'? Umm... folks over on 2ch were complaining about the lack of updates for things there. ^^; )

Otherwise, spent most of tonight re-watching what's been released so far for Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S. I'm *really* enjoying this series. ^^; It's much better than the first release for Polyphonica a year or two ago. *sigh* How I curse losing book 1 for Polyphonica. >.> That's okay. Someone released a *.txt for the latest HakuYou novel. That's... kinda scary. O_O;
kemonotachi no yoru


>.> The one thing I really hate about working on HakuYou (actually anything in kana...) is trying to figure out what the names in the story are supposed to be. The thought that came to mind today? Lydia's mother's maiden name. It suddenly occurred to me that it might be something more on the lines of MacCael. *sigh* I'm so not knowledgeable in this area. >.<;

That's okay. When looking up info on the dates for Edward and the Crusades, I ended up stumbling onto a list of legendary kings of England. That then led me to look up this. >.> I think I won't think about anything. *nods* That sounds like a plan. ^^;