January 9th, 2009

kemonotachi no yoru

Yay! Finally! ^o^

Jan 30 release!

伯爵と妖精 Hakushaku to Yousei
すてきな結婚式のための魔法 Magic for a Wonderful Wedding
ISBN: 9784086012546

After the whole Prince storyline (books 1-7, 9, 10), and after the troubles with Lydia's mother's clan (books 13, 14, 16) we might *finally* be getting the wedding?? (Books 8, 12, and 15 are short stories, while book 11 was a one off where Lydia goes away to learn proper etiquette.) To give this a bit of perspective, Edgar gave Lydia the moonstone ring in book 3, but Lydia doesn't actually agree to marry him until book 9.

And for the curious, Edgar steals his first kiss in book 5 and gets to kiss Lydia in book 10, but it's only starting from the end of book 10 that it's truly consensual. It takes a very long time for things to get places. ^^; Oh, and he gets two kisses in the dream world--one in the Christmas SS in book 8 (between books 6 & 7) and one in book 16 where he also gives her a kiss mark which remains in the real world. ^^;

Otherwise, I'm pretty much in avoidance mode right now. >.> I think I'm going to do the next section of book 1 as well as the next novel summary since I'm seriously in avoidance from IW. >.<; Shall see what I can get done this weekend. ^^;