November 30th, 2008

kemonotachi no yoru

*sigh* Why can't I just lie??

I just discovered that Cobalt's page has a lovely Hakushaku wallpaper available to members. (It's a wallpaper version of novel 2's cover.) Unfortunately, not only is it only up until Dec 1 (Japan Time), it's only available to their Cobalt members (free newsletter service). However, in order to join the free service, you have to meet four requirements:

1. have internet access and a valid e-mail address
2. answer some questions at the time of sign-up (looks like it might be some sort of questionnaire)
3. agree to receive emails from Shuueisha
4. must reside in Japan

>.> That last one obviously kills me. *sigh* Why, why, why can't I just lie and hit the agree button?! >.<;;

I'll admit, not all is lost, but... *sigh* Here's a link to their wallpaper page. There's a Hakushaku wallpaper there too, just a different one. ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

NaNo Day 30...

And so, it's the final day of NaNo! (For some, the last day is now over.) How did y'all do? In my case, I managed to cross the threshold early on the 26th with 50730? 50718? words. Word count is uncertain since I changed a verb character (yes a single character *change*) and had my count drop by 12 words. O_O; That's okay, the converted kanji -> romaji file was in the 54.5 k range. :P

I'll admit this year's NaNo was just a little harder to write than last year's and is much much messier story-wise. ^^; And studying for JLPT is proving just as difficult if not more so because I have a procrastination project I keep working on, and I think maybe I *OD'ed* on J this year. *laughs* There's just no winning. ^^;

Whether you crossed 50k or not, y'all deserve a pat on the back for even *trying* something as insane as NaNo. Hope everyone had fun with it this year, and for those who are silly enough to go for it again next year, I may well see you again next Nov. ^_^ I'll admit, I haven't fully decided if I'll go for another NaNo yet or not. A part of me is saying yes, while another is saying maybe I should do something else next time. Shall see what I decide closer to when that time comes. ^_^ (I have been debating a 50k translation project, but from my pace with Hakushaku, I suspect that might not be all that difficult to manage......?? O_O;; A decidedly spooky concept. ^^; )

In any case, for those who're still writing down to the wire, good luck and hang in there! ^o^
kemonotachi no yoru

Hakushaku to Yousei vol 1 pg 72-88 trans

Umm...... aren't I supposed to be studying for the JLPT?? I had a suspicion last year when doing JLPT 2 that my greatest problem would be reading speed compared to lack of kanji/vocab/reading. I suspect that's going to be the real killer this year as well. I did one reading placement trial and...... yeah, definitely weaker than my results for JLPT 2, but it didn't have a time limit which is an issue. A lot about these exams is more time management and personal concentration. Both of which I'm lacking this year. >.>

In any case, the next bit sans checks of course. Hopefully, I didn't forget to at least go back for only partly finished lines. ^^;;

Collapse )

And final translation word count for Nov. is... 26 025. ^^;; Oh dear. *laughs*