November 13th, 2008

kemonotachi no yoru

Making non-progress

Word count's up, but I don't think I can call today's stuff 'progress'. I went back and filled in a 'fill in later' section at the very beginning of the story (literally in the prologue ^^;). The problem is that I have a not there, there, um? Yasuhara. >.> If he's there, I can see him teasing the hell out of everyone else in the office; if he's not there, that doesn't happen. Both work, but...... Hrmm... Ultimately, does it matter?? ......I don't really think it does, but there's much more setting in the latter version. And I'm not even sure if this is good or not...?! *sigh*

Ah, well.

What's really bad is that vol 16 for Hakushaku arrived today. ^^; Guess who spent most of her night reading. :P I know, bad Shadow. But I had great fun reading it. And it definitely moved things along while introducing some interesting questions. I understand the anime's only supposed to be 12 eps?? Is that a definite? I did listen to the two CD dramas; CD drama 1 is the story we're on now in the anime (although WRT ep 1 I prefer the CD drama version), and CD drama 2 seems to be from the short stories maybe? (Not sure since I've skipped most of the short stories and haven't gotten around to reading them all yet.) Still, some really fun scenes and interesting development(??) on Raven. ^^;; Argh! The problem with these later books is that even if I write up scenes from them, no one would know who any of the characters are! >.<;; Oh well, I'm going to continue being bad tonight and go watch HtY (why does that always make me think of Hana to Yume??) ep 6. :P I'll think about my fic...... most likely at 5AM in the morning again. *sigh*
kemonotachi no yoru

S*** talk about close!

I'll say this much: Damn you f***ing Windows!

Thanks to your incredibly *stupid* tendency to reboot automatically after installing updates, I *almost* lost last night's changes to my NaNo. *Fortunately*, OO was able to recover my docs which apparently I hadn't saved before walking away from the computer for a bit. (I went down and watched Hakushaku to Yousei 6 on Mokkun.)

If that doc couldn't be recovered I'd've had to re-piece yesterday's work back together from three separate pieces (thankfully the rough stuff was all saved) and work on reconstructing all the intervening prose, dialogue and fiddly bits. >.> Fortunately, I've been saved that (and can concentrate on forging ahead again instead).

Gah! Not something I like seeing when coming back to the 'puter after a break. >.>

And I'll take this wonderful chance to remind folks to back-up, back-up, and back-up your files! >.<;;