September 30th, 2008

takin' it easy


the good out of the bad. :P

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I've managed to install J-input on Haku (after 10 months!), so I'll be using Haku for NaNo rather than stealing FSU's laptop. ^_^ (Bolded words are those I wasn't familiar with. I'll have to remember them... ^^;) Next up, figuring out how to do/add ftp. ^^;

And I think all of the anime I've been watching lately has ended now. (Yakushiji Ryoko, Nabari no Ou, and Natsume Yuujinchou). Looking forward to seeing how VK-Guilty and Skip Beat go. There were a few other titles I'm curious about, but I can't recall the titles offhand. Anyhow, this test post was brought to you by the letters J and K. :P
kemonotachi no yoru


Some days simply aren't worth getting up on. Today may well be one of those days. >.> I'm going to wait until tomorrow night before saying much about what happened. (Not so much with Mokkun, although I'm not entirely sure about the pick-up either. >.<; Today's been just plain weird. >.> )

Otherwise, male parental tried making eye appointments for the two of us (we both see the same person). Apparently, there's a six month wait?? Yikes! >.<;; Will see about making separate appointments and see if that might help a little tomorrow. *sigh* I can always hope.
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