October 5th, 2007

kemonotachi no yoru

(Not) Surprisingly Not Much

JLPT application is now complete and to be mailed in tomorrow. Really what I'm interested in will be my kanji literacy score more than listening. Grammar might also be interesting to see since I've never really studied that aspect. Shall see. I guess this means I need to study (and book my flight and hotel). ^^;;

The JLPT application form is one of the worst things I've ever had the displeasure of working my way through. It's clearly not meant for those who study on their own let alone for people who have lived in Japan compared to institutional study of the language. I have no idea how many hours I've "studied" the language. I "learned" because real life told me to either learn or I'd have no place to live. The literacy came from trying to read fanfics online and regular novels. Call it high-pressure osmotic learning if you will. You automatically start recognising characters and words after repeat exposure. (I'll also admit to sleeping on books (low-pressure osmotic learning?), but I don't think that was anywhere near as effective.) :P

Oh yeah! I don't know if the US page for Mighty Leaf shows the choco truffle teas yet, but I emailed them about when the teas would become available and they said they were hoping they'd come in sometime in Oct. (This is for the Canadian side. The teas were intro'd first in the US.) They said they'd email me when they came in, so hopefully I'll be hearing back from them about the teas. I can always hope. ^_^

Anyhow, time to sign off for the night. I'm going to try hunting down the paperback version of 屍鬼 (the novel I want to gain enough literacy to read) and see if it mightn't have a bit more furigana than the hardback version. I still don't have enough kanji to read this book comfortably. *sigh* At least I now have enough to understand why I had such a hard time reading the little verse before the actual prologue. >.>
kemonotachi no yoru

Little Bits of Not Much

Still continuing with the "not much" at the moment, but it should be over shortly. I'm not looking at starting anything more serious until after the (extended) long weekend. :P

In case anyone's looking at getting a new PC but doesn't want to switch to Vista yet, MS has extended XP sales until June 2008. This is good news for me as I was trying to figure out how to comfortably manage two trips to Vancouver, two new laptops, and a trip to Japan in the course of 6 months. At least I now have some more breathing space. ^^;; (Mind you, Japan still isn't a certainty due to the passport issue. >.> )

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A friend from Australia recently emailed me and mentioned Nova's (the company we both worked for) financial woes. I feel sorry for the many foreign workers in Japan that are going through serious uncertainty especially those who've been there for a very short time. It'd be pretty scary stuff to have to live through in a foreign country.

And one person emailed about the demise of Geneon's vid distribution. I haven't really thought through what it means yet or if I'll do anything about things, but from what I can tell, it means I probably won't get the last and possibly the second last R1 Maoh S2 DVD. >.<;; I never got around to buying Saiunkoku or Shounen Onmyouji before the announcement was made, so I'm not sure about going after them. All of Saiunkoku S1 and Shounen Onmyouji R2 DVDs will be bought though. Surprisingly, I haven't watched Saiunkoku S2 since Yggy crashed back in April/May. >.> Shall see if I do anything to fix that over the weekend. It's hard to say as I'm not sure if I'm taking Mokkun with me yet. *sigh* I think someone mentioned Tantan being in S2 so I'm a bit curious about what they did with the story and how far they're going with it. ^^;

And... Hoshi wa Utau. Another series I haven't been following since Ch2... Maybe it's the usual slow start / new series issue, but I haven't been interested by this at all yet. We just got HtY with Ch 6 in it in the mail today, so maybe if I read all 6 chapters in a row it'll get me interested? Another see how things go. Actually, if I pull it onto my computer, I can probably read it on the flight or while at the airport or something. Sadly, Mokkun's battery life is pretty pathetic, so I'll need to keep things short on that front. *sigh*

Otherwise, the new anime season is starting. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ghost Hound goes. Beyond it... shall see. FSU is doing the primary pulling of vids this time and she's the one being subjected to the initial round of horror, pain, amusement... *laughs* Shall see what finds its way to me therefore. :P

Anyhow, it's time to go feed... Feeeeed meeeee... *zombie-mode*