July 31st, 2007


Time to start getting back into the habit...

Mokkun reached the local sorting plant today so I'm not sure when he'll be delivered. Am I being too optimistic in hoping for tomorrow as that would give me a day to fiddle around and get him all set up before doing some minor brain surgery? (...Almost definitely at a guess. ^^; ) As it is, he definitely needs to have the memory upgraded as 1GB just won't cut it. It wasn't enough for me with XP so I don't see it being sufficient with Vista. Otherwise, IFL90's refund was supposed to have been taken care of so I'll have to watch and make sure it goes through in the next few days. *sigh*

The new desktop seems to be doing all right so far. At least updating everything and getting all the programs installed was mostly painless. (The pain was all in hunting down the disks. >.<; ) Unfortunately(?) the latest version of Azureus seems a bit weird so I switched to uTorrent on this system rather than try to figure it out. (How do I type "mu" without resorting to the character set...?)

Read... okay skimmed through Zombie Loan 1 and part of 2 today. I'm not sure if I like the manga or not? There's nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't interest me as much as the anime. I'll have to see how things go with vol 3 & 4. Tonight's reading will be Shounen Onmyouji (for however long it takes to finish) followed hopefully by Mushiuta. >.> I seem to be ordering a lot of novels lately and it's starting to hurt the brain a bit. ^^; Oh well. I guess it means I need to pick up more English novels otherwise my English is never going to recover. That said, I'm thinking about picking up Hotaru no Hikari manga with my next book order. ^^;; I've been enjoying that drama a bit too much, so it might be fun to read.

Anyhow, hopefully I'll be fully back up and running by the end of this week. ...Which means not only do I have to get used to posting again, I need to get used to *doing stuff* again. ^^;; This could be interesting. ^^; Shall see how things go. :P

Up next on the to watch list: Zetsubou Sensei 2~, Code-E 4, Kagerou no Tsuji 1 (no idea what this is or what it's about). Too many things to watch again. >.
Saiunkoku - Wai!

Testing, testing...

Eek! Mokkun has arrived and is currently being set up. He's purdy, but the touchpad is a bit annoying when typing. I'm the sort who usually has the hands against the palm rests when typing and it sometimes interferes when using the touchpad. (My left keeps brushing it.) I might have to see about disabling the touchpad and using the mouse that came with this thing. Shall see. So far, I like the machine although the glossy screen might give me problems over time. (Eye strain could be a definite issue methinks.) As it is, I think I'll get either a laplander, an iLap by raindesign, or some other notebook cooler that can be used on the lap. I think this laptop could get quite warm and I can use the added height of a stand.

So far, trying to figure out how to install the language bar (which didn't really need installing per se) has been a half hour adventure. ^^;; I'll have to decide what else I'm going to install. :P And since I have no idea if Telus has finally updated their access programs for Vista, I'm currently working on dial-up. (Besides, the desktop just booted my old lappie out of the rotation and I don't feel like booting FSU's system out of the rotation next. :P ) I really must figure out how to set up a wireless network... ^^;

Anyhow, so far so good, Vista's UAC isn't driving me to distraction yet, the system's a lot more sturdy than I'd hoped for (I'd seen a low-end Asus at the store and was decidedly unimpressed, but this one seems decent), so we'll see how the rest of the set-up and installation goes. :P Here's to hoping everything gets finished up tonight and everything gets cleaned up too. Boxes, and stuff everywhere. ^^;; (And why is my hand constantly drifting right in search of a mouse...? :P )
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