July 26th, 2007

kemonotachi no yoru

Back to square one...

Long story short: my reseller for the Compal made an untrue statement to me today in email regarding the system's pricing. I discovered it was false, took exception, and cancelled. Say "no" if you want, but don't lie to me. I'll deal with the headache of hunting down a new primary system and/or reseller this weekend. In the meantime, Mokkun is now on order and will hopefully arrive sometime next week. (Apparently payment is to be done over the phone, so I have to call that in tomorrow. *blink* ) The new desktop however, will arrive this weekend. ^_^

I'm still debating getting the IFL90 as it's just about ideal for my needs, but with all the delays in orders, it's going to take time to get hold of the system. If I do go for that system again, I might wait for it to show up domestically rather than go across the border again. :/

Mokkun is a reasonably powerful system for it's class (13.3" system) but runs Vista, so I'm not sure if that might create issues for me. Shall see. I'll also have to remember to pick up a 2GB chip for him so that he can think rather than have Vista eat all his system resources. >.<

Otherwise... am I bad for liking ep 2 of Hotaru no Hikari? What I thought was a scene where she'd thrown her back out was actually her dragging herself along the floor because she could no longer stand after being greatly shocked. Next ep. has the turtle woman IIRC. ^^;; Looks like they're going to make a play on ~-onna every ep. :P

I have a headache (actually eyestrain, don't know if it's this computer or the weather...), so enough for tonight. :/