July 9th, 2007

Kouyuu - Gah!

What is this, dead systems r us?!

So, the office system went down on Friday... I'm not quite sure what to make of that except that I knew the hard drive's been sounding pretty bad lately. What? I have fingers of death or something? But thanks to that, I'm now looking into desktop systems. Y'know, I'd like to start pulling out of the hardware hunt soon... >.> Oh well, the shop I was planning on buying from apparently forgot to pay their domain reg bills so the site's currently offline. ^^; I know the shop's still there because FSU just bought a new gaming mouse and a tablet for me there. Now all I need is my silly little laptop... (which has once again been delayed. Hopefully for the last time, but if I don't hear something about the first of the high-res systems having been received for building soon (it's 3-5 days to build and test the system after they get the chassis in, plus shipping time), I could end up making a rash purchase...).

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Otherwise... I finally read ch 1 of Twinkle Star. *laughs* I *love* how the first chapter ended! That was *hilarious*! I'll have to see how this one goes. ^^;; Apparently I DLed the *thumbnails* for the first chapter, so when I actually looked at it... ^^;; Yeah, it was decidedly illegible. Shall see what I decide to do with that one. I haven't exactly been watching the community (I haven't been watching any of LJ except for maybe a handful of journals) so... ^^; Yeah, yet another "once the new system arrives" thing. If only the sea-turtles Compal is using to ship the units would get here already. >.> Or are they still trying to harness the suckers? *sigh*