December 31st, 2006


Not much

*sigh* For some reason, I often forget how fiddly subbing can be to get the first edit out. Some time this afternoon, I'd pretty much finished getting things done on the compile side and thought I'd get around to tweaking Shoumyou 5 today after tweaking Kokumono 25. Hah! I think it's maybe ready to go out to Ginny for first edit, but I haven't even gotten come close to looking at Shoumyou 5 yet. And in the meantime, Shoumyou 4 is re-compiling and will go through a check... probably tomorrow morning at the current rate. I'll probably set Kokumono 25 to compile as soon as Shoumyou is done which means I can't work on anything else tonight. >.<

Will I get to Shoumyou 5 tomorrow? Hopefully. And once that's out of my hair... um, yeah right. I just spent all night tweaking Kokumono 25. What makes me think I'm going to finish translating Shoumyou 5 and getting it fully tweaked tomorrow?! But if it were to get done, I'd be on to GH 8. ^___^ Oh wait. Is that the episode where they go into PK-ST, -LT, and... -MT? Ack. I don't think they ever explained those letters... I could be wrong. I see I'll be doing some info hunting again soon. Eep.

Well, 'puter's busy so I guess I'll call it a night and listen to a Shoumyou CD Drama. ;_; Which reminds me, I haven't listened to the last Kokumono Bangaihen drama CD and according to the FSU, there's supposed to be a third drama CD coming out in the new year. >.<

But first, I thought I'd translate the very start to the first novel which is the part of the story prior to Masahiro and Mokkun running away from that giant skull in the anime. ^^;

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I think I'll leave it there. It's getting late now. ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

Happy New Year!

A touch early, but I'm hoping to have the 'puter shutdown by the time the clock rolls over this year. ^^;


Wishing you all the very best throughout 2007!

May everyone's dreams be filled with images of Mt. Fuji, eggplants, and hawks. ^o^