December 26th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Quicky Post--Boxing Day!

I'm off to a slow start today. Eek! But it's Boxing Day which means we (FSU and I) will be out running rampant to Knit 1 and m1 to see what sales they have. ^o^ m1 opens at 11AM so we're not going to make it for when they open, but hopefully the woman who ran through their shop last sale won't get there first thing. She completely cleaned them out of sock yarns. ^^;

To those insane enough to brave the crowds like me--enjoy the shopping and sales; to those who are smart and avoiding them like the plague--enjoy your day! ^o^
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And if anyone has seen my brain, please send it back to me. I need it if I want to do any stuff tonight. @_@ I need tea. And cookies! (And my vocal chords...) ^^;

Of course, I could knit tonight and finish my scarf... Maybe. ^_^