December 20th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

At the end of my rope... or not. :P

Ysa-chan, mystery envelope arrived safely in the mail today. *hugs*

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Oh well, I think I'll settle in to double check Shoumyou 3 before finally getting a move on Kokumono 24. Eep! At least the headaches with Shoumyou 2 and GH 6 are probably over now. I hope. ^^; The poor lappy's been running compile after compile non-stop as I tried to figure out some video issues. I don't know how well I've worked them out (or if I've made them worse...) but hopefully it's acceptable. ^^; Of course a couple of last minute note additions to GH didn't help the issue there either. ^^; As much as it's really useful having cross-over between Shoumyou, GH and even Kokumono, it makes certain things (like needing notes!) harder to see. ^^;

Oh well, I should do some stuff. ......Or get myself some tea first. ^^;