December 11th, 2006

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Kokumono ep 23 torrent

Argh! Sorry for being late, I've been rebooting the system multiple times. >_<;;

Anyhow, the torrent file is now up!

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Thanks so much to the seeders for all your help! ^___^

[Edit: And things are starting to look reasonable in terms of numbers, so seeders can probably start pulling out of the swarm. Thanks so much for all your help! ^o^ ]
kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono ep 23 note

Just a minor note for those who might be interested. As some folks are aware, I put in a plea for help regarding this ep a little earlier, and the results of that plea did make it into the episode. Thanks very much for your help! ^_^ One of the things we didn't do for the ep, however, was to translate the song names that Senya requests Shuurei to play. The translated list of songs are:

-Record of the East Sagami River
-Legend of the Female Mandarin Duck*
-Autumn of the Coloured Palace
-Record of the Biwa**
-Blue Distant Princess

*similar title to an actual literary work
**name of an actual piece

Since I couldn't find reference to three of the titles in any form, we decided against translating the titles in the episode.