December 9th, 2006

lemme go

Ghost Hunt ep 5 torrent

And GH ep 5 is now up on torrent! ^o^ Many, many thanks and much tea to Ginny for taking over for the rest of File 2 when Ysa got called away earlier and more suddenly than expected. (And even more thanks for allowing the theft of an icon that she created. ^o^ Guren will be spending weekends at your place for Broken Boys.) ^^;

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Odd how I always remember the link in here. ^^; And a most heartfelt thank you to those who are helping seed. This wouldn't be possible without you! ^___^

Hope y'all enjoy the episode!

[Edit: I think things are starting to look reasonably safe to start pulling out of the swarm now. We're almost at 100 seeders for the ep. Thanks so much for all your help! ^o^ ]