December 7th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Drive by posting... (Shoumyou)

And a quick check of the DVD release schedule for Shoumyou suggests that the current season will be 26 episodes. There are 6 volumes scheduled for the Kyuuki story and 7 for Kazane, with 2 eps per volume. If that's the case... what's going to happen to the story at the end of the Kazane arc?!? Then tenko / amakitsune story continues directly and immediately from the developments of that story! >_<;;
kemonotachi no yoru

FB, frozen brie?!?, stuff

A couple of people have inquired about what's happening with this chapter and why I haven't summarised / translated it yet. Simply put, as a number of people are aware, people have been stealing the translations and making scanlations with them... again. Which means, at the least, I'm not looking at working on FB until my own physical copy arrives--probably just before or after Christmas. And whatever I write up will contain very little if any actual translated dialogue. It's going to take time to write up once I get the issue simply because I'm going to do my best to make sure it *can't* be used to make scanlations from. Those on my flist are aware that I typically release the full translation on LJ. I'm sorry, but if I write up a full translation for the chapter, it will not be available to my general flist either. I will give the FB fandom this much, it's been very educational. While not all bad, it definitely wasn't all good by any stretch. Educational is probably the best way to put it. :/

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So the baking plan this weekend will be:
- eggnog cookies x 2
- vanillekipferln x 2 <-- if I get off my butt and make some vanilla sugar soon, oh and buy almonds too
- choux a la cremes? <-- hard to say if I'll have the energy for this one. It takes all night. >_<;

Oh yeah. I suppose I should think about Xmas shopping too. Eep! ^^;