November 24th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

On being more productive... or maybe not...

*sigh* So, I thought I'd start being more productive and knit a few rows whenever I found a free moment, or what have you. It's a great idea in concept. Not so good when the brain and circumstances aren't so accomodating. >.< I should have taken the hint when the first thing I did today on the knitting front was, on the back side of my work, I purled through the stockinette stitch and right through my cable. It's only after I'd gone about a dozen stitches past my cable that I suddenly realised I hadn't done anything but purls. (I've now purled through a cable twice today.) So, seeing how the back is now measuring ~24-24.5 cm, I'm going to wait until I can talk to the FSU about how close I need to be to these measurements in constructing the sweater and about whether this yarn will split splice or if it needs to be threaded through/tied in, etc.

So I decided to go back to my slip-stitch socks... If anyone's seen my pattern for these socks, please let me know. ^^; I'm pretty sure I'm at the start of the pattern repeat, but I can't find the pattern at all. Since it's been at least a couple of weeks since I've worked on these socks, I'd rather double check the pattern before going on my merry way with it again. ^^; Strike 2 on the knitting front. I guess knitting will have to wait until later or when I have more brain with me. ^^;

And on the subject of socks, I've misplace the night and day socks that I knit earlier this year. (The one's I kept promising to photograph but never got around to doing). >_< They should be in my room somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them for the past couple of weeks. Could be worse, I haven't seen my cell phone for at least half a year... ^^; (Why yes, I do misplace things often, why do you ask?) :P
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Kokumono Ep 6 Torrent

And ep 6 is now available on torrent! ^___^ As always, many thanks to the editors for their hard work and to the seeders for helping seed this episode. Eps 6 and 7 were really something and I have to admit, seeing how they tie in to the current storyline is really interesting and makes it well worth a trip to the earlier eps. ^___^

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I'll be updating the torrent post shortly with links to the DL files as well.