November 22nd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

*shiver* snow

So, for those who are wondering, here's the link for GH showing that it'll be 26 eps, while this one tells about the new Kokumono season.

The other night, I decided to start knitting the sweater kit that the FSU won from m1 during the summer. The sweater is a fitted cable sweater with some shaping. So far so good although I've made one minor error that I'm not going to worry about (decrease shifted by one stitch on the sweater shaping so it's one stitch away from the seam rather than two (I can't count)). :P Shall see how the sweater goes. ^^;

Otherwise... has anyone seen my brain? It boggled and fled when I was trying to carefully unravel the narrative to ep 23 and hasn't been seen since. Ep 23 is looking to be nasty and will require careful referencing back to the novel (not that that will help with the narrative...). The narrative though. Just what's: in such-and-such place of such-and-such2 in such-and-such building is the something-or-other of so-and-so, who is also the something-or-other2 of so-and-so2, in other words Sa Chuushou... @_@

And there's white stuff outside here. >.< I wonder how quickly I can knit up that sweater and if it'll help ward off the cold. It's currently -11C, and it's still November. (It matters? I could've sworn I've had -20C Hallowe'ens...). In any case, I'm hibernating for winter. Wake me in the spring. >.