November 17th, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono ep 5 sub torrent

And... ep 5 is now available on torrent! ^___^

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As always, many thanks to those who are helping seed this release. Your help is most appreciated! ^___^

Hope folks enjoy this episode. It's rather interesting to see how these episodes tie in to where we are in the later releases as well. ^_^

[Edit: Anyone who's still seeding, you can drop out of the swarm. Thanks so much for helping seed this episode! ^___^]

Sorry, I had to step away from the computer for a while this evening. ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono air schedule

Happened to drop by NHK's site (my 'puter's busy compiling, so about the most I can do is some minor surfing). *sigh* Anyhow, it looks like the schedule is a bit wonky still and we'll see how things go in Dec/Jan especially around New Year. ^^; Anyhow, we have:

Nov 18 - Ep 27
Nov 25 - Ep 28
Dec 2 - Saiunkoku Monogatari Special Guest Talk
Dec 9 - Ep 29

Maybe a little more time to try and catch up on some of our remaining backlog? We can ever and always hope. ^^;

Sadly, I haven't had a chance to write up thoughts and commentaries on the latest Kokumono eps. Hopefully I'll find a bit more time for that tomorrow. At the very least, I'll be listening to the latest CD Drama tonight although I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure I want to. It's another "bangaihen", and like the previous one, looks like it's a collection of short dramas. ^^; Shall see how it goes.

I seriously need to sit down and re-watch eps 23-26(7) hopefully tomorrow. I know there were some interesting things in ep 26 especially in the scene between Saku and Seiran. I wonder if Shuurei's reaction means she actually put 2 and 2 together. ^^; Oh, and before I forget, in ep 22, Seiran does tell Ensei he'd rather cry and cling to a locust than have Ensei be an emotional support for him. *laughs* I wonder if the other scenes like that also exist in the background in other eps then... ^^; Oop, time to check on the compile. :P