November 5th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

How did I miss that?

Okay, I'll admit, I haven't been to NHK's site since before my vacation, but I'll admit, I was pretty surprised to discover that ep 27 won't be airing until Nov. 18th. ^^; I guess this will give us some time to try to catch up...? Maybe? I'm not completely sure how far we'll "catch up" because we've... become gluttons for punishment. ^^; Perhaps the editing staff should tie me up and sacrifice me to a volcano god somewhere. ^^;;

Otherwise... today will be more work on ep 21 and ep 5's edits... after I finish some other stuff first. ^_^ Hopefully I can get through all of it today.. ^^; Ysa, Ginny, Heather... beware. There'll be "stuff" incoming today/tonight. ^^;
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kemonotachi no yoru

Might be a posty day?

Hopped by Hakusensha's HtY site and noticed that they updated the site for the next issue. ^_^

There's a brief blurb for FB saying:

Thank-you, everyone!
Furuba has finally reached the final chapter.

Super miracle hit 12-shi drama.
The tracks of Tohru & Kyo and the 12shi's warm future...

Now to get started on Kokumono 21. >_<;; I still need to fight with Azureus some more for settings. Bittorrent went flakey after I'd upgraded to the latest version. >_<;

Ginny, Heather and Ysa: Stuff #2 will be coming in soon.