October 26th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Back and semi-alive again ^_^

So, after the 9 hour flight back across the major pond, customs, a connecting flight and the fight to stay awake for the rest of the day, I'm semi-alive today. ^_^ "Semi" because I've somehow managed to sleep in until noon... for thirteen hours! O_o;

Japan was pretty good although quite warm compared to here so coming back was a bit of a shock. Even though it's autumn, temperatures over there were in the 20's usually mid to upper except for Sendai, so it was a lot warm for long-sleeved clothing. >_<; All in all, I think I took ~12 rolls of photos and we encountered some unexpected goodies along the way. ^___^ I should have photos by next weekend at the latest, but don't know when they'll come back from the developer. ^^; (Yes, I do have a digital camera, but it's a snappy and no where near as good as my SLR. I have to look at getting an SLR digital soon...)

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Anyhow, time to get up and about. It's... only 2 in the afternoon! ^^;

Kokumono eps 4 and 19

Just a quick note for anyone who haven't managed to get these eps via BT, that they are available on Sendspace and Megaupload. The links are all available on the sidebar in the Kokumono fansub tracking post. Otherwise, I've had one person email about corrupt sectors in ep 4. Has anyone else been having problems with this episode or did they have a bad DL? (I didn't notice anything before ULing the ep for its final check before going on vacation though).