September 24th, 2006



Oh boy! What do you do when, in the midst of translating something really serious, (sic, the last line of the final scene of ep 19), you blank to the literal meaning of what's being said? ^^;


Today as of this moment, you are this country's...... honoured pillars. -_-; I've heard of pillars of society but... ^^; I have no idea what I'm going to put there. ^^;

That's okay, some of the words in the speeches especially by Ryuuki, don't have literal word meanings (I don't believe). When double checking one by Seiran...

玉賜 -> Tamatamawa

?!?! *laughs* Less than meaningless. ^^;

In other news, the FSU might finish the Mermaid jacket tonight. She's been sewing it up all day. ^___^