September 21st, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

*whi~ne* -_-;

It's the day after. And _I_hurt_. -_-; I'm definitely in much worse shape that I thought. At this rate, Japan's going to be a lesson in torture. >_<;; (Last year was 14 days of forcing aching muscles to keep moving as we walked ~10km per day...). As it is, I think I'll at least do half the walk again next week. I don't know if I'll have time again this week or not. All I can say is, I think I'm sunk. I wonder what I can take with me to ease muscle pain... ^^;

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And I think I'm going to call it an early night. The body has been complaining making me quite whiny today. That and this cold weather is making me want to either sleep a lot or cocoon myself indoors. I think I'll work on picking up stitches on the ol' Caravan Robe I'd started working on earlier this spring. It's definitely cold enough to work under wool again. ^^;

Oh, any anyone who's expecting an email reply... -_-; sorry, but I'll reply tomorrow. Today's just not going to happen. Likewise, ep 18's first round of edits should be finished tomorrow.
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