September 20th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Dead *splat*

It's lunchtime, and I'm already dead. Not good. >_<; The male parental headed off today for good food, lots of pollution (okay, maybe not a good point), lots of books, shopping... oh yeah! And to visit family. :P Online check-in for Air Canada is all right - a bit weird, but workable.

Due to the female sibling's boss having something come up with her family, the FSU has to do some OT this week. As as result, I didn't get my traveller's cheques today, and rather than being driven, I ended up walking to the salon for my haircut. ^^; While the FSU did offer to leave me her car, it's a 20 min fast walk to get to the salon and I figured it would be good practise for when I'm in Japan. ......Next time, I'm driving. No question. My legs are tired and hurt. :P Apparently I'm way out of shape. (Doesn't that mean I should do the walk *more*??) ^^;

And so, I'm now in the mild quandary of two weeks and virtually no work to do. I could... work on some translations (19 & 20), finish timing and tweaking ep 4, or I could go on a tangent and either *work* on the manga side, or maybe, dig out my old 'puter, hopefully get it up and running, and sub a CD Drama. (I haven't managed to get that program to work on this system. Not sure why.) ......And what does it say when I wrote all that without even thinking about the fact that it's all for Kokumono and it never even occurred to me to work on any other projects? -_-; Oh well.

Anyhow, all that walking's made me hungry. Time to hunt down lunch. :P