September 14th, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru


And so, memories of 1989 were brought back as news developed yesterday of what was happening at Dawson College.

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The other night saw a bit of fighting on my part as I struggled to make hotel reservations for the male parental. He's leaving next week?!? So soon. O_O;

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And apparently Ghost Hunt is *finally* being made into an anime! Yay! ^___^ It starts airing Oct 3! >_<; Still, I'm going to see if I can catch it on TV while I'm there. ^^; I'm not so concerned about catching Conan on TV (it's at an awkward time if you're going out for dinner), and the chances of being able to watch Kokumono is a bit iffy as it depends on the hotel and if they have satellite service. But I think Ghost Hunt was on a regular channel (albeit late at night, IIRC) so it might be possible. I can always hope. ^___^

It's a shame she (Ono Fuyumi) never continued with that series after that last 2-part novel, but... that book also had a bit of a "the end" feel to it in certain aspects. Is it bad that I can't wait for Yasuhara to show up? Although I'll admit I just like the entire group dynamic for those characters. ^^; I really hope it'll show up in raw form on torrent. ^____^ For me, Ghost Hunt is <3. It's what started me on reading Japanese novels, getting into fan-translations, scanlating, subbing and even writing fanfics.

Anyhow, work. >_<;

Ack! (Kokumono ep 17 comments)

So... I've finally started to work on finishing ep 18's translation as well as to start timing the episode. >_<;; I still hate this episode; it's going to take a lot of work to figure out how to word everything that's happening at Court. >_<;; So, I think I'll sidestep that and write up the differences between the anime and novels for ep 17 instead. :P There are definitely some things worth noting on that point for this ep.

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Why is there so much even though there weren't all that many differences between the anime and novel WRT this episode?? "Concise" I think I need to relearn the meaning of that word... >_<;;