September 3rd, 2006



After debating going out there for over a year and a half, the female sibling unit and I finally got out to the Farmers' Market. O_O;; We'd been debating going ever since it moved out to the old Currie Barracks, but since it's in an awkward location (anything in this city is in a *good* location?!) we were a bit leery about it but... Man oh man, I wish we'd gone earlier!

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More than anything, the Farmers' market reminded me of a very busy and bustling Granville market from Vancouver only with much better access. The question now is, do we go to Heritage Park next weekend for the Fall Fair (craft show) and my gingerbread people (yes, I'm willing to pay $14 to get into the park just so I can have my gingerbread people (and another butter tart, and the sausage rolls...). Don't ask silly questions. :P ), or do we go back to the Farmers' Market armed with coolers for some meats and more blackberries? Decisions, decisions. I'm still trying to recover enough energy to do more work on ep 17. >_<;
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