September 1st, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono ep 15 torrent

And we're up to ep 15 for the torrent releases now. ^___^

Collapse )

One more episode to go (please note the time for those who'll be helping seed the episode). It's been a very busy week releasing all these episodes, so I'll be glad to be able to sit down and work on the subs for the next while. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up fairly quickly. (Thankfully it's the long weekend too...) ^^;

And I see that the FB watch has begun, so it'll be interesting to see what's said at the end of the chapter regarding the series. Will it continue or not? I say yes, a little longer still. :P

As always, a heartfelt thank you! to all those who are helping seed. Your help is very much appreciated! ^___^

[Edit: While I think most people will have dropped out of seeding, you can definitely drop out of it now. ^___^ Thanks so much everyone!]