August 31st, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono ep 14 torrent

And! Ep 14's torrent is now up! ^___^ Since these latest torrents have been so busy to date, I'll hold off submitting the torrent to Tokyo Tosho until I have help with seeding. (Those who can, please help! ^___^ ) Early in the release is when the most help is needed to get things going and moving in a timely manner.

Collapse )

As always a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all those who help seed. Your help is most appreciated! ^___^

I'll be ULing the translation to ep 17 shortly to the site after which I hope to have a summary of the most recent CD Drama finished for LJ. Enjoy and thanks again! ^___^

[Edit: Definitely not as heavy demand on this one as the two previous, and we had both a very strong seeder turnout and a slower start, so it's looking good to start pulling out now. Thank you all so much for helping seed!

Those helping seed tomorrow, please remember it's time is different from today's. ^__^]