August 30th, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono ep 12 torrent

And so... where it all began. ^^;;

How fitting is it that the first ep of non-previously released eps is also the first one we've ever done? :P

Those who followed this ep as it was being developed, please remember that the episode was updated for the current font set. ^_^

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Thank you to all those who help seed as always! Your help is very much appreciated! ^___^

(Quick note about ep 17. I only got ~halfway through the translation last night, so I'm hoping to finish it off tonight. I'll start putting together the fansub probably after finishing ep 2's edits.

[Edit: My UL speed isn't maxing out, so if anyone can help seed this I'd really appreciate it. I'll hold off ULing the torrent to Tokyo Toshokan in the meantime.]

[Edit 2: There are plenty of seeders on this torrent now, so if anyone's still seeding it, you can pull out now. Thanks for all your help! ^_^ ]
Saiunkoku - Wai!

Ep 13 torrent release

As I quietly hope that my 'net connect is nicer this evening than it was this morning... >_<;; If this morning was any indication, I need lots of help seeding. O_O; (I'll hold off submitting to the tracker until I have some other seeders helping. There's no way my connect would be able to handle seeding on its own.) >_<;

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Enjoy! ^___^

Thanks so much to all those helping seed! Your help is *soooo* appreciated!! ^___^

[Edit: Torrent's been submitted. Eek!]

[Edit: Just in case anyone's still helping seed (I'm off to a slow start this morning), it's safe to stop. Thanks everyone for all your help! ^___^ ]