August 26th, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono Ep 1 sub

It works! ^___^

By the time I post this, hopefully it'll be safer to hit the torrent link (ie that there will be at least several other people seeding), but as I'm writing this, I'm surprised at how many people are pulling the ep. O_O; As it is, the tracker's owner emailed me about the torrent. Oops. ^^; I'll need to get help seeding subsequent releases. As incentive, you'd be able to get earlier access to any releases. (Is that incentive??) ^^; In any case, hopefully my torrent test group will be willing to help seed releases? (Maybe have a couple people extra per ep and rotate through a group so that no one or few people have to use up too much bandwidth?) It'll be something to definitely think about though.

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In any case, obviously sharing the file via BT is working and the volunteers were just that. At least they weren't victims and I didn't get lynched. ^^;


I just discovered that the torrent was posted on Tokyo Toshokan. That might explain why it becamse busy. ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono torrent planning

First, thank you everyone, for helping seed ep 1!! The torrent looks like it's healthy and can sustain itself now. ^___^

It seems strange to think of releasing ep 8 next, but ep 2 won't be ready for a number of days yet, and eps 3-7 are much less along still (if they've gotten anywhere). For ep 8-16 (and all future eps as well), I'd like to have perhaps 3-5 people help with initial seeding of the episode especially. That's where the greatest crunch was yesterday as everything got underway. There was me with, I remember having >14 leechers, before noticing there was suddenly another seeder (the tracker owner was helping to ease my load).

So, for everyone who's willing to help, I need to know which eps you have/are willing to seed, and a time when we can start this. (perhaps midnight EDT (GMT-4)?)

How I think this will work is, I set up and release the torrent and link, then people helping seed can hit the link and 'save' your DL .avi file to where you have your copy of the .avi. You should then become a seeder for the file since you already have a complete copy of it. This way, there'll be more people supplying the file initially and things will go more smoothly overall. For ep 17 and future releases, this means that the seeding group would have to get the release file first (via Sendspace or Megaupload DL probably), and we'd then seed starting at a pre-arranged time.

Let me know what you think about trying this out. ^_^