August 25th, 2006

no border waraningyo

I need some vic... erm volunteers ^^;

As above. I need some victims volunteers who are willing to go through some bittorrent insanity as I try to figure out how to release things using bittorrent instead of with Sendspace or Megaupload. (Sendspace and Megaupload will still be ULed to; especially considering this might not work out). ^^; The target file will be the release version of Ep 1 which is currently in final edit and QC. I'm hoping it'll be set to be released sometime this weekend.

Basically, I need people who are willing to try to pull the file via bittorrent. If all goes well, it'll work. If it doesn't... please don't kill me. ^^;

Depending on when the file gets the all-clear, I'll make it available via torrent and post the link in a filtered post. While some people on the tracker's site might slip in, beyond them, it should be limited to whoever is included in the trial group. Of course, if there's anyone out there who's done bittorrent distro and who can walk me through this, that would be all the better. ^^;

Any volunteers should be reasonably available over the weekend (although I know I'll be out Sunday afternoon) and if it does work (major if?), I'd really appreciate if folks could seed a bit extra for this one when it gets started. Although, I'll also admit, I don't know how much interest there'll be in the file since it's so early an episode. ^^;

If you're interested and able, please comment so that I can set up the filter group.

Thanks! ^_^

Okay! I think I have enough victims um, lynchers... volunteers. ^^;; Will let you know the link once it goes live. Thanks to all the volunteers! ^_^