August 18th, 2006


Beans Ace Subscription

And it's official. I've got a 'subscription' to Beans Ace. ^__^ The last volume (the same one I'd ordered from Amazon JP) arrived in today's mail. ^^;; (I'm not sure it's a proper "subscription" since it's a quarterly magazine. However, since they got it, I'm sure it'll be coming in regularly now).

Anyhow, the details for my subscription:

Iwase Bookstore
Japanese price: Y580
Issue price (variable by exchange rate): $10.49 CAD

Iwase orders magazines in by sea so it won't arrive until a month after the magazine's release date. Within Canada, they then ship via Express Post, and shipping prices are listed on their site. I honestly don't know if they'll ship outside of Canada, but they have an email address listed on their site ("company" link), so you can always inquire. Also, when your subscription starts will depend on when you order (obviously). I wasn't sure I'd be getting this issue and was half expecting my magazines to start coming from the next issue.

And the other pretty much official is that I'm off to Japan for 3 weeks from Oct 11 ~ Nov 1. (Tickets should be getting booked today). At a guess, this won't interfere with FB translations, but will mess things up for Kokumono. ^^;

Anyhow, time to hunt down lunch... *hungry*