August 15th, 2006


Le sigh

So, the male parental is really pushing for going to Japan now and has me "pencilled in" for 3 weeks of travel. (I haven't even looked at anything yet...) >_<;;

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I still haven't looked at Europe yet, but three weeks in Japan is painful. I honestly don't know if I can add it on. The travel agent said that low season for England is basically late Sept - Apr/May so I have time in that sense. Why couldn't Japan be for New Year's? I wanted to be squished worse than a sardine one last time. :/

umadoshi's post about Gedo Senki reminded me that I could try catching it if it's still playing when I go to Japan. It might well be possible and the male parental would probably be amenable to catching it. He enjoyed Howl as well so... shall see. It really depends on timing and if we have a chance once we get back to the Kansai region. It's something to keep in mind if we have energy though. ^^;;

Otherwise, I finished compiling Kokumono 16, but checking the file will have to wait until tomorrow. Ep 1 is... partially done, but I still have a lot more to do with it. ^^; I need to create a clone of myself... or three. :P