August 13th, 2006

no border waraningyo

Zzzz... pretty much nothing.

First, thanks to everyone who's voted in the poll! ^___^ As I suspected, the part I was waffling over is the part where opinion is most divided. ^^;; I'll have to start working on cleaning scans.

...... >_<;; And I just realised that I forgot to translate the sign in ep 1's sub. I'll have to remember to add that in with the edit. I'll admit, this ep was being a big pain. I had to switch to slightly different settings as it was refusing to go below 300 MB. That's a lot big. O_O

And while looking around at potentially flying to Europe via Japan, I ran across this rate for Paris. From Y39,000?! From Tokyo?!? O.O I'm still not sure what to make of it. As for why I'm looking at rates from Japan... the male parental, who is also my travel partner, seems to want to do "the family trip" this year. O_o That means he wants to go to Japan for 6 weeks. (He wanted to go for longer still, but I suggested he do that next year after renewing the passport). Personally, I don't want to go for that long (he's asking how long I want to go for and I'm not sure yet) but I have no idea what I'm going to do for the rest of the time he's over there. I'm debating hopping off to Europe for a week without him and then going to Japan, or going to Japan, hopping to Europe for a week and hopping back. Either way, it's looking a lot pricey to try for both. :/ (Ideally, I'd go to Japan, hop to Cambodia for several days and then hop back but... I'm not seeing prices for it). ^^; If I'm lucky, I'll have another week to figure out what I'm doing. (Sadly, I'm just not in the mood to go to Japan this year). >_<;;

Interestingly enough though, the newspaper today had a piece on travelling in Tokyo on the cheap and looked at going to Tsukiji (which they said is pronounced skee-gee?!?). Tsukiji is definitely one of my favourite places to go in Tokyo on day 2. You're already up early thanks to jetlag so going to the fish market is always great fun. Maybe one of these days we'll eat ramen instead of sushi for breakfast when we go there. ^^;

Otherwise, I finally got out shopping for clothes today as well as to do some alterations. Eep. I think I've gained some weight again as I ended up taking a size 2 and 4 for pants today. Yay! No more of that size 0 idiocy from that last foray. I was a bit surprised though, all the petite clothes I was looking at were made in Japan. ^^;;

ginny_t, if I do end up in Japan instead of Europe and if you'd like, I should be able to pick up your tea for you provided they carry that specific blend. In any case, I'll want to stop by and pick up some more of my apple prestige tea as well. ^^;;
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In need of comments / feedback

Well, I've started looking a little at the manga scanlation project as well now, and have done a few pages as a test. I'm not looking for editing at the moment compared to general comment on the technical aspects (page size, font size, file size...). The pages can be found at:

Comments would be appreciated. ^_^

Edit: I've added one page with a smaller font size (marked with an "a" at the end of the file name). It's definitely in the running for the default font unless it's too small for folks. ^^;;