August 11th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

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So, I started scanning pages for Kokumono tonight but... one page decided to fly out of the scanner and behind the table. I think I'm going to have to give up on being able to fish it out (I can't get behind it and it's too far for me to reach). It's a good thing the page wasn't important to scan so I can live without the other side. Oops. ^^;;

Anyhow, since I'm slowly starting to think about it, I was mildly curious about peoples opinions about certain things in manga scanlations. Specifically about translating things like titles, suffixes and sfx. So, I figured I'd make a poll. :P It's a check-box style poll, so please don't check keep and translate for the same option. Hopefully, I'll get sufficient # of people replying to actually get an idea of what people prefer. ^^;;

Which of the following do you prefer in manga scanlations?

keep all suffixes (-sama, -san...)
translate all suffixes
keep all titles and ranks including Shou "Taishi", "ojou-sama"
keep the specialised titles and ranks but translate things like "ojou-sama"
translate all titles
keep the original sfx and put small English equivalents beside it
translate all sfx

Otherwise, some maintenance updates have been made to the site and some images have been ULed to the gallery. So far, there are some screencaps for Kokumono, FB images (mostly preview pics from Hakusensha's site), as well as some of last year's vacation photos from Japan. I'll be ULing more over time as I go through stuffs. ^_^