August 8th, 2006


The Beans Vol 7

DHL delivered today so I got hold of my copy of The Beans as well as my second copy of Saiunkoku Monogatari Manga Vol 1. I'll see about chopping that up later this week. Interestingly enough, the manga has already gone into a second edition. O_O

There's ~60 pgs worth of "stuff" in this issue for Kokumono included the character ranking I jotted down before, the actual SS, there's an interview if I'm not mistaken (haven't read it yet), character information, story points, advertisements for the CD dramas... lots of stuff. >_<;; And at the end there's:

Nice Combination Rankings:

  1. Li Kouyuu & Ran Shuuei
  2. Shi Seiran & Rou Ensei
  3. Kou Reishin & Kou Kijin (Houjuu)
  4. Kou Reishin & Kou Shouka
    Kou Shuurei & Ran Ryuuren
  5. Kou Kijin & Kei Yuuri
    Kou Shuurei & Li Kouyuu
    Rou Ensei & Tei Yuushun
    Kan Hishou & Ou Yougyoku
  6. Kou Shuurei & Shi Seiran
    Kou Reishin & Kou Kurou
    Rou Ensei & Sai Shou
    Ran Shuuei & Ran Ryuuren
    Kochou & Shusui
    Kochou & Li Kouyuu
    Koku Yousei & Haku Raien
    Kou Reishin & Li Kouyuu
    Sa Kokujun & Ran Ryuuren
    Kou Reishin & Kou Kijin & Tei Yuushun