August 5th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono Character Ranking

According to Vol 7 6/2006 issue of the Beans, the character ranking for Kokumono is:

  1. Kou Shuurei
    Thank you, everyone!
    "Tonight, I'll give it my all and make a feast. So everyone, be sure to come! ...Aa, but we only have vegetables. What should I do?!"

  2. Shi Seiran
    Is it all right, with me?
    "It's all right, My Lady, the wallet's fallen down at eighth place. *smiles* In any case, thank you."

  3. Shi Ryuuki
    "I'm really happy that Shuurei and Aniue were chosen"

  4. Li Kouyuu
    "While I'm thankful, I won't reduce your homework. Did you want to eat a mandarin orange?"

  5. Kou Kijin
    "......It's only natural,
    ......that I'm above Reishin"

  6. Kou Reishin
    "Why am I below the mask?!
    Shuurei! Aniue!!"

  7. Ran Ryuuren
    "Listen to this ecstatic melody!"

  8. Ran Shuuei
    "Being below that Ryuuren is
    ...a total shock......"

  9. Rou Ensei
    "--Hey, thanks!!
    Let's go out for a bite together!"

  10. Kou Shouka
    "Hm? Did you want some of my tea?"

  11. Sa Sakujun
    "Are you people going to entertain me?"

  12. To Eigetsu
    "I'll do my best to be useful to everyone"

  13. Kourin
    "Being next to Eigetsu-sama......
    I-it doesn't necessarily make me happy!"

  14. Kochou
    "My, that's a wonderful thing to say."

  15. Kai Yu
    "Words of love from women is such a wonderful thing."

  16. Ka Shin

  17. Kan Hishou

  18. Sa Kokujun

  19. Heki Hakumei

  20. Shourin
    Shou Taishi