July 25th, 2006

Saiunkoku - Wai!

Kokumono Site update and ep 15 sub

Ahah! Not so pointless stuff here! :P The draft translation for ep 16 has now gone up to the site. For those who haven't been able to find ep 16 yet, it can be nabbed from l33t-raws here.

Along with the ep translation, I've done a minor update to the character page to include Kurou. I really must break up that page soon. The next story line will see... perhaps 10 new people introduced? Ouch! That's a lot of people... >_<

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Otherwise, we're into the four week re-run period now, so the next new ep will be... Aug 26 or so. The schedule isn't showing that far into the future, so I'll update on that once they post when ep 17 will air. ^_^

Hmm... otherwise, yesterday's watermelon jelly turned out reasonably good today. As mentioned earlier the watermelon itself was a bit green and weak so it affected the jelly as well. I'm going to try experimenting a bit with the recipe (for one thing it makes enough for four and that's it...) >_<;; I have some canteloupe I can try playing with tomorrow and see how that goes, but canteloupe isn't as... liquid as watermelon. ^^;; Maybe a mix then.

Oh yes! And one other thing I learned today. >_<;; The Beans magazine where Kokumono (story) is published is a semi-annual magazine! >_<;; I didn't pay attention and just noticed the month along with the title and not the volume number. If I looked at vol. # I'd have quickly realised that it ticked over every 6 months... *sigh* Shoot me now and put me out of... oh wait. There's a new novel coming out in Sept and Oct. Never mind. It'd have to wait at least until after that. :P

Anyhow, enjoy. ^_^
kemonotachi no yoru

Book 11 (novel 9) release

Kadokawa's listed information on the upcoming novel release for Kokumono.

The Evening of the Storm of Petals is Scented by Crimson Plums
(something like that)

Kou Shuurei, the first female official of Saiunkoku has gone from a high-ranked to a normal official. During the time she's forbidden to go to the palace, she starts to look for things she can do in town. There, she gets proposed to by the young lord of a strange noble family?!

ISBN 4-04-449911-X-C0193
Sept 1 release


Hmmm... a bit different from what I thought from the blog entry I'd run into previously, but definitely intriguing. ^___^ It's supposed to be followed by another volume in Oct. Eep! I hope Amazon will list it soon so I can put together an order. I have a Y1000 coupon for them that I need to use soon. ^^;;