July 23rd, 2006

Kouyuu - Gah!

NHK きょうの料理 7月 - Watermelon Jelly and others

Tried making this today with mixed results due to my own messing up and the watermelon deciding not to like us. (How does a watermelon do that? Easy, it was rather green / lacking in flavour). >_<;;

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We have lots of agar-agar here, so I'm thinking about trying canteloupe or canary melon instead next time, although watermelon has a definite "summer" flavour. ^_^

The soy milk drinks sound interesting. There's a banana cocoa, spice tea, and matcha flavoured drink. I'm thinking about making the matcha soy milk which takes:

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It's way too hot and humid here today. I'm going to hide away until things cool down a bit. -_-;;
Frustrated / defiant Tohru

? Does anyone know what this is?

Currently working on translating Kokumono 16 and I was wondering if anyone knows what "ryuusencha" or "ryuusen" tea is? I checked our cannister of dragonwell tea, and it's not that... or at least, not if the characters are as they should be in Chinese.


I tried using babble Babelfish and it gave me Longquan? Direct translation of the Japanese would give me dragon spring tea, but I'm not finding anything along those lines. (Chinese teas are mostly a mystery to me. I tend to concentrate mostly on Darjeeling and the occasional Assam - ie Indian teas).