July 22nd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru


-_-;; Hot. I don't know if we actually hit 30 today, but it was darn hot, and that's where we're supposed to be for the next few days still. >_<;; I'm going melt into a small puddle of goo. Just mop me up and shove me aside somewhere... preferably somewhere cool until more reasonably temperatures prevail. -_-;;

The saving grace to today's awful heat is that we got some magazines from Iwase today including July's きょうの料理. I took one look at it and almost ignored it (it's featuring tofu of all things). >_<;; But when I noticed other items in the magazine, I ended up flipping through the whole thing. Sadly, the plan now is to make some sort of watermelon jelly (need to get a watermelon and some gelatin), a matcha soy drink (need matcha... need soy milk), and maybe a ginger ice treat (...I think we have everything for this one). There are lots of recipes in the magazine so I was really surprised at how much there is in it. The bad thing is, I think there are too many recipes in it. ^^;;

Kokumono ep 16 will hopefully be coming out sometime tomorrow. I guess that means we'll know if we're breaking in the middle of the current story before the four week re-run period, or if we'll be waiting to start the next story arc after it.

Ginny, if all goes well, I should have a file for you sometime tomorrow. (If it doesn't go well, it'll probably be another day still). ^_^;

Anyhow, I'm going into hiding. Some vampire's been making passes at me. :P

渡る世間に鬼はなし-Ep 16

Oops. Looks like those points that have been missing up to now, come and make their appearance in this episode. From the sounds of the J kansou sites, it's a pretty busy, but at the same time *good* episode including: the lunch scene (c/w silly Ryuuki), the mud ball fight, Seiran! ;_;, the wig incident, Ensei and Kourin, weirdness in the paperwork, bribes, marriage proposals, Kochou / Kougarou, and Kurou.

This blog (in Japanese) has some images from the episode.


I want to see the scene where Ryuuki supposedly says:

「斬り捨てては不味い、か…」 I guess killing them would be bad... ^^;