July 20th, 2006


Mish mash

......The female sibling unit just killed a moth in my tea. Thank you very much. O.o

Bunged on Kokumono 15's compile, so we'll try again tomorrow. *sigh* There's still quite a bit more work to be done on that ep though.

When poking around for information on Kokumono today, I discovered that the next novels will be released in Sept. and Oct. I can't wait! ^___^ Granted I haven't been waiting so long since getting the books, but if a comment I read is right, it sounds like it's going to be really interesting. (Maskless Kijin!) *psyched*

I've been re-reading Kokumono vol 4 for the past few days without skipping anything, and apparently I did miss a few things in my original read through. ^^;; For one thing, I'd completely forgotten that we meet Kokujun in that volume and not 5. There are also a number of characters I'd forgotten about that will need to be set up for on the ever expanding character page. Eep. ^^;

And today, the French sub for ep 1 of Kokumono was released, so I decided to take a peek... Um... yeah. If I were to describe it, it felt like a weird mishmash of Ayu and We Suck's sub with a bit of difference. Since my French is so rusty, I had a tough time trying to read the subs as they flicked by. I have no idea if this sub is representative of what French fansubs are like in general but... unfortunately, I was less than impressed. I got less than half-way through the ep though, so I'll look at the rest of it sometime tomorrow maybe. :P

I wonder when I'll know for sure about the Beans and Beans Ace subscriptions. The female sibling unit gave me a bit of a heartattack when she said that Iwase wrote and would be sending one of our magazines with our Hana to Yume subscription. *sigh* They got the latest cooking magazine in. >_<;; Oh well, it's getting late so I should wrap things up and curl up with my book. :P

I get to use one of my new icons! Yay! Thank you f_ireworks! ^___^