July 18th, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru

FB 130 quick aside

I just finished pulling the scans Mona posted and they're lovely. At a glance, one line already has me pondering how to put the translation. Those who can read/understand Japanese, the line I'm talking about is:


The meaning is simple enough to understand. Putting it well in English... For those who can read J but aren't seeing my problem, I'm hung up on omaenokoto and kirei. We'll see how I end up putting this line.

The chapter itself though is beautiful. Was it Ale-chan? who mentioned in the FGML that there was a note on the front of the magazine that FB has finally reached it's climax? I'd been wondering about that since Elina in Rosetta mentioned it as well. From the end banner, FB will continue beyond the next chapter as there's no comment about the next chapter being the final one. How much further though is unknown. Unfortunately Hakusensha hasn't updated yet for the latest manga (not surprising since it's not street date yet in Japan). Anyhow, let's see how far I get for the time being. ^_^
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FB Ch 130 Update

Translation is now up on the site. Go there. :P

Other than that silly line giving me problems on the translation front (where I still am waffling but since it's up, it's up) the rest should be fine... hopefully. One of the things mentioned on RSC a while back, is that the chapters up until this one didn't say anything about the story having reached it's climax. This is pretty key because usually a series will state that as it goes into the final story. Since it's mentioned in this issue, at a guess the next is not the last chapter as was originally conjectured. As to how many more however... we'll have to see what each issues banner / cover says. ^^;;

Beyond that, it's very much a beautiful chapter. ^___^ Ch 131 will be released Aug 5. Which reminds me, I forgot to update that part of the main page... ^^;;