July 17th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono Ep 15 and comments

Translation for ep 15 is now on the site. ^_^ Do tell if I left something undone or if anything's unclear. I was a bit skimpy on my last check... (I checked this time...?) ^^;; Otherwise, while reading some other sites' thoughts on the ep, I ran across a note regarding the release of the CD maxi for the closing theme song.


The CD Maxi is set for Aug 30 release. ^___^

Now then... of note is the post regarding changes in ep 14 since it comes in here as well.

From this episode... what doesn't exist in the novels:

- Kouyuu's and Reishin's unhappiness over how Shuurei and Eigetsu are treated
- Reishin going to the archives to see Shouka
- Shuurei talking to Kouyuu
- Kouyuu confronting Senior Sec. Sai regarding Shuurei's and Eigetsu's treatment
- Kouyuu's childhood memory of being taken in by Reishin
- Kouyuu does not make a snack for Shuurei and Eigetsu (especially considering how he'd told them not to expect any help from him or Shuuei at the end of last ep! >_<;; )
- The drinking scene between Shuuei, Kouyuu, Seiran and Ryuuki. It does however happen in the omake CD Drama.
- Kouyuu's outburst to Reishin when hungover (obvious since the drinking scene never happened either).
- Seiran asking Shouka to talk to Kouyuu (Shuuei! You lost your scene and how wonderful a friend you are to Kouyuu!!) ^^;;
- Seiran's uncertainty over his inability to do anything (I'd debated putting this into out of order, but...)
- Kouyuu confronting Shuuei over talking to Shouka. (In the novel, Kouyuu decides he's going to hit Shuuei.) ^^;;

Out of place:
- Reishin's talk with Ryuuki
- Shuurei asking Kouyuu what his wish was that supported him in climbing through the ranks
- Ro telling Sai that Shuurei's sponsor was Reishin (? I'm not entirely sure where that scene happened in the book but I vaguely recall reading it).
- Shouka talking to Kouyuu happens during the afternoon
- Ryuuki gives Eigetsu the little package much earlier on.

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Eek that was long background lead up to this point. I'll go into the wonders of Shouka-papa tomorrow though. ^^;;