July 10th, 2006


Quick note Kokumono 14

Umm... the translation is still in the works at this stage. There are a number of lines I don't recall coming from the novels and hearing some is proving a bit weird. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it off later... today. ^^;

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Next episode... seems like it's going to focus on Kouyuu but... the description on NHKs site suggests that they might go about the story in a related but different fashion to the novels. (Like ep 4, 5 in story 1).

Whether it's cleaning the toilets or polishing shoes, I'll do whatever I have to. I'll never be beaten because of harassment. Hm? Kouyuu-sama, you seem a bit down...

NHK preview:
Training of the new officials continues. Shuurei's uncle and sponsor, Kou Reishin, is unhappy seeing Shuurei being treated so harshly. And so he petitions Saiunkoku's emperor Ryuuki to protect Shuurei. Kouyuu's attitude towards Shuurei seems unusual Reishin watches/question Kouyuu closely and Kouyuu wonders if Reishin really loves him or not.

I wonder if we'll see Seiran's side as well?? Shouka papa's really something. ^___^ I know I thought that we'd cut for the hiatus at the end of story 3 but... I wonder if 2 eps is enough to finish this storyline?? I don't think it really is, but maybe I'm wrong? >_<;
kemonotachi no yoru

Kokumono 14 update

Text translation for Kokumono 14 is now up on the site. ^_^ I decided in the translation to keep the term "shinshi" rather than try translating it all the time. It was proving to be quite bulky since I couldn't come upon a good term. Basically it's for those who passed the Kaishi exams. I might go back and change it to "candidate / candidacy" though.

BTW, there's no mention of it so far in the anime but, while the Kaishi is the main National exam, it's not the last. The final exam is the "denshi" exam which is an oral exam and done in the presence of the Emperor. I need to add a bit more to the translation notes on the exams. Specifically about this breakdown and that the Kaishi is administered by the Department of Protocol while the Denshi is administered by the Department of Civil Affairs. The Shinshi Ceremony likewise is not the final ceremony. At this stage, they still have the Department of Civil Affairs Ceremony to go through which will determine where they will be assigned. Until that's done, they can't work as officials of the court.

Now to reply to emails and stuffs... >_<;;