July 5th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Mrf! Let's try this again...

Stupid browser crashed, but thankfully, this site saves drafts as they get written... :P

Just a quick note that the final translation has now gone up to the site. Apparently more of the page was lost in the spine than I'd anticipated so I ended up changing more than the original 5 pages that were expected. >_<;;

Kitty cat was really cute. ^___^

Otherwise... I might be getting The Beans and Beans Ace subscriptions...? (Along with a subscription to a Kyoto cooking magazine... that might be more for the male parental though). :P

Anyhow, I'm just a "little" past lunch break. That's okay, I finished the work on my desk. :P Which reminds me, Friday will be the start of the local 10 day "holiday". *blink* I forgot to flee town... >_<;;
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