July 4th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Fading fast...

You know it's a sad day when you go to a really good yarn shop and can't find anything to buy. >_<;; It was a very sad feeling. Unfortunately, since m1 recently had their summer solstice sale, there wasn't anything we really wanted to buy and we mostly went because the FSU won a prize in a contest they were holding. She won a yarn kit for a sweater in Rebecca magazine so I'm thinking about trying to knit it. It's a simpler looking v-neck with a bit of cabling. Shall see. I have to read through the pattern again.

And before I forget to mention it for the umpteenth time, Kokumono Drama CD Bangaihen 1 that's slated for Sep 8 release... the title is something like "friendship hotspring trip" and it involves Shuuei and Kouyuu... My mind is partially frozen in horror and partially has this horrifying thought that maybe it's like some of the fanservice disks that sometimes come out like... was it Ryvius that had Silver and Gold fandisks?? All I remember was that they were truly mind-numbing in a most horrific sense.

And I bunged compiling ep 13 twice now. >_<;; Please let third time be the charm because I'm wanting to hunt down my bed soon. (Bad sign when you start nodding off at the 'puter).

Anyhow, will try to catch up on replies tomorrow. They're starting to *look* at me... O_O;;