June 12th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Saiunkoku Monogatari Ep 10

And a draft for ep 10 is now up. There are some lines I'm thinking of re-wording but nothing major. The next episode should be fun, it's one of the short stories in the 6th book and is *so* funny. ^^;; The only thing I hope is that they *please* DON'T put in Shuuei's pun! I have NO idea how to translate that thing. >_<;; (Well, no. I can translate it, it just isn't funny that way, and I have no idea for an equivalent in English).

Otherwise, while this ep wasn't bad, it really crammed in a lot of stuff and it felt a bit forced in places. >_<;; We also didn't get to see Kou Kijin's face. ;_; I have to figure out which scenes I wanted to translate after seeing this ep. The one between Shuurei and Ensei at her Mom's grave (there's a lot of narrative that further expands on this part), the scene with Ryuuki giving the branch to Shuurei... hmmm... maybe post fight? There are a couple of good bits for Kou Kijin as well. *sigh* Too much to do. >_<;

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