June 7th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Ch 128 "Summary" update

Um, yeah. I'm suspecting that there's a good chance I'll be doing the last 3 chapters in translation form. 'Tis the end and all. :P (If it continues beyond three chapters... Oh well).

As things stand... I really want to know what Shigure meant by that parting gift. Akki has a look of shock, and the camelias falling in the background... ;_; But the look on Shigure's face speaks more of saying good-bye to the old Akki than literally saying good-bye to Akki. It can also be good-bye to "Goddess" Akki. Akito's really looking feminine lately. Perhaps, she's reached a stage where she can't hide being female any longer? The other thing I noticed though, since Arisa and Saki met Akito at the hospital. Akki must be quite tall. Arisa was wearing heals and she's already really tall, but Akito seemed to be of similar height?

Akito's comment of putting an end to everything... it makes me wonder to what exactly and to what extent. Akito as head of the clan can certainly order such things as the Cat's home to be destroyed, but can she bring an end to the curse itself? But she definitely has something in mind.

One of the lines that most sticks to mind in this chapter isn't a particularly important one, but still says a lot. That was Akki telling Hiro that she didn't hate that part of him which kept trying to realise his dreams despite his not having much strength or wisdom yet. Akito spoke in the past tense, which to me, speaks of how much she's letting go. I suspect we'll see more of that aspect as well with the upcoming gathering of the 12shi + cat though.

And like everyone else who's seen it, I love Tohru's fleeing for her life. For her freedom? She's not going to have it in a sense once Kyo catches her... ^^; Of course, the one month wait could be a bit painful... >_<;;

Otherwise, Saiunkoku ep 9 is mostly done (not linked though), and is awaiting a few more tweakings. Should be done tomorrow night.