June 5th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

>_<;; Oh my...

Well, despite the female sibling unit's attempts to keep my Visa from wailing, we ended up going to m1 afterall. I told her I needed to get some DPNs so she acquiesced to going. And as expected from their stock list, there was little in the way of fuzzies for me to pick up... and so I got deluged by the attack of the pattern lover instead. >_<;; Okay, granted some most of those patterns are for me. ^^;; I picked up a couple of Fiddlesticks patterns, and am hoping to use today's yarn purchase on the Lily of the Valley stole.

The FSU however, wanted this cardigan, and has so far attempted to start it twice now. The first time was with a merino wool yarn, the second with an acrylic. I think she's going to try finding some Snuggly or other softer & lighter baby yarn to try the pattern out on. In the meantime, I've been going through White Lies site as well as some others looking for some nice closures and shawl pins for her. I don't think we have any as yet, but then, so far, none of my shawls are large enough to require an actual closure like that.

Yarnwise, the girl at the shop told me that they have more Andrea's yarn in a shipment that's currently trapped at the border. It's anyone's guess when it'll come in therefore, but... the shop's a royal pain for me to go to readily. (Actually, just about all the yarn shops are in distant or awkward locations). Shall see if we trek out that way again once the shipment arrives or if it'll be hit/miss again. >_<;

And while at m1, I picked up still more stitch markers. I seem to be in a pretty bauble mood lately as I picked up some more "everyday" stitch markers from the Elegant Knitter. I'm still not sure if I like these markers as they're sterling silver and I'm afraid they'll tarnish. If they do... >_<;;

And since we have no cables for our Denise needles, I yanked two shawls off the needles. One was the Tri-Aran shawl and the other MS2 take 2. I still want to yank MS3 off the needles and restart it as well. It's been hanging around for so long, I suspect my tension will be completely out now (or I may have dropped stitches by now). I've made serious negative progress today. ^^;; But I restarted the Ethereal Fichu with the Andrea's Yarn, and I really don't know if I like this pattern or not. It casts on stitches compared to the DFS which casts stitches off for the pointy lace edging. I love the look and feel of the yarn though. ^_^ The girl at the shop tells me that a couple of people returned their Andrea's yarn because it was troublesome and hard to work with. I will admit, it was a royal pain to ball, but it's been fine since. Just... no give. >_<; For whatever reason, I didn't give them my colour wishlist today. Oh well.

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a moment free to run out to Future Shop or Best Buy. By the time I'd mentioned it, we'd missed the turnoff so we didn't go today. I need new headphones for the computer. Mine died unexpectedly on Saturday. ^^;; FWIW, Saiunkoku 9's translation will have to wait until I get new headphones... unless I strip something else of it's headset. ^^

And of course, tomorrow should see some news about the latest FB chapter. If there aren't any scans by then, I'll see about hitting the "kansou" sites. ^^;; Anyhow, bed. I've some pattern drooling to do and colour planning. ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

FB 128 comments on J sites

Just a quick overview of what's being said on some J blogs / sites I looked at today. Since these are fan-girl sites, I definitely make no guarantees about accuracy. I've tried to remove as much of the fangirl squeeing and wishful thinking as possible. Anyhow...:

From Soushuu's site:

Hiro goes to see Akito and tells her that his curse is gone. Akito's reaction is completely different compared to how it was with Momiji.

At school, Haru, Yuki and Kyo are all on the roof. Apparently Akito has ordered all the 12shi to gather. However, the event doesn't take place in this issue. From Yuki's and Haru's reaction, Soushuu wonders if they mightn't have guessed Shigure's feeling and realised that Akki's female. ^^;

Yuki's to tell Machi about the curse?

Shigure goes to see Akito and gives her a present saying "to commemorate our parting". (<-- doesn't seem to be exceptionally significant and they speculate saying good-bye to "male" Akki and that the gift is a female outfit. Actually, another girl speculated that the gift was women's clothing as well).

And finally it's the day Tohru is released from the hospital. And the instant she see's Kyo she runs away!

End banner:
Yuki and Kyo too - a happy future doesn't come if one simply waits so take hold of tomorrow in your hand!

Info from Natsume's blog:

On the way to the hospital Kyo wonders what about when he really loves Tohru and what he likes about her. But once he reaches the hospital and sees her, he realises all over again that he just loves her. However, the instant Tohru sees him, she gets tears in her eyes and runs like mad. Kyo gets depressed seeing Tohru run away like that but, he quickly recovers and runs after her. "I'm the faster runner!" And he finally overtakes her. "I won't let you get away" "Even if it kills me, I want you to be mine."


Every J site I've hit so far is guessing that there are 3 chapters left rather than continuing to 9.

--end FB--

Otherwise, I did manage to get myself off to Future Shop during the afternoon as well as a quick(?) hop to Knit One Chat Too. The female sibling unit picked up some Zara (charcoal) for the Angelina jacket after we discovered that they didn't have any cream coloured Snuggly. She said she'd use something nicer if I'd wear it, so I agreed. Making something simply to make it is okay, but making something simply to make it out of cheap stuff, then if I liked it enough to want it, she'd make me another one out of something nice... @_@

I managed to get some 100% alpaca in 4-ply fingering (cream, dk brown) and so Sam the Ram will have a slight identity crisis being made from alpaca rather than wool. :P Poor Sam.

So, out of curiosity, any knitters going to take part in the Knitting World Cup? I haven't decided if I want to or not. The Knitting Olympics were quite the challenge and seriously took me out of anything but knitting for that time frame. If I do though... maybe I'd do the Lily of the Valley Stole or Sam the Ram. I'm not sure about Sam though since I've never done aran knitting before and I'm working with fingering weight yarn rather than the sport~worsted weight that is called for. I still like the description of Sam made from Lopi though. ^^;;

Ch 128 - 6 pages translated.

Well, better than nothing although I have to admit, I really am not fond of reading things from the end. ^^;; Obviously this will be subject to change depending on how the story flows in the previous pages once they become available. And as always, my translations aren't to be used to make scanlations.

Anyhow, surprise. I'm not F-locking this so the last 6 pages will be translated in the summary. ^^;

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To be continued in Issue 15, July 5th release.