June 3rd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru


Hmm... a quick hop over to Tokyo Toshokan this morning tells me that there's a raw available for Saiunkoku Monogatari ep9 on ...... never mind. L33T-raws has now released it. Amazing what a few minutes will do. ^^;; Can't wait to get my hands on it. (Hooked me? Couldn't be...)

So, earlier this week, I DLed a bunch of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and was so kind as to burn it to disk and give to the female sibling unit. Unfortunately, I only gave her 2-7. When I asked her if she wanted eps 8 & 9 she threatened to bring my physical existance in this world to a very definite and painful end. I guess that would be a "no"? ......I think I'll burn them for her anyways. ^^;

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In any case, I should frog DFS #2. I'll have to decide if I really do want to get some more Andrea yarn. It's beautiful stuff and looks like it'll drape wonderfully, but... it's pricey stuff and I did cave in on Furry Yarns BOGO Sale on Zephyr. Also, they're low on colours and selection and I really want to get 2 skeins of a single colourway so I can do a full shawl rather than smaller items. *sigh* Shall see. I made a small wishlist of colours (to be ordered) and patterns I want to look at / get from m1. Oh yeah. And I'll want to get some US6 / 4.5 mm DPNs again. (I use DPNs when starting projects. Full sized knitting needles are large and too much of a pain to handle when you start off with 3 stitches.)

Anyhow, my DL is complete. A couple more comments and I'm off to watch. :P