May 31st, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Stuff on Saiunkoku Characters

Comments and stuff on the characters:

Shuurei's description of Ryuuren to her father:

It's like he's 52 degrees off normal. At least if he were 45, 90 or 180 degrees off base, you can make allowances for it and figure out how to deal with him, but since he's off by such a strange degree, you can't really understand him.

Seiran's reason as he told Shuuei while he wasn't staying in the Uringun:

If I were in the Uringun, I won't be able to go home at a set time. I won't be able to have Her Lady's meals.

Ryuuki and Seiran:
Ryuuki complained about Seiran's looks being the cause of everything (his misunderstanding of who he was). Ryuuki honestly didn't think they were that different in age. Seiran admits that even he can't tell his age from his looks. Ryuuki then comments that you'd never think Seiran was older than Shuuei.

Seiran: I don't know about that. Mentally, at least, I think I'm much older than he is.

Otherwise, when Kouyuu's with Shuuei, he's definitely a lot more hot-tempered than he normally is. The same's true between Reishin and Kou Kijin, and Seiran and Ensei. I guess they're close enough that they don't have to hide things. Anime Kouyuu is a bit too emotional compared to the novels. His freezing in the tourney is an example of something that I don't think is typical for his character. He wouldn't do that sort of thing in public.

It's a good thing Ensei's so good at fighting otherwise he'd have been pincushioned eons ago by Seiran's sword and temper.

Seiran and Shuuei... Shuuei, short of pulling rank on Seiran, doesn't have a chance against him. ^^;; Seiran seems to always have the upper hand on him and cuts off any opposition before Shuuei can really protest. Ryuuki even asks Seiran not to tease Shuuei so much at one point. ^^; Of course, Seiran doesn't let Shuuei get remotely close to Shuurei telling him that if he wants to approach her in that manner, he has to clean up his womanizing ways first. (Mind you, Ryuuren takes a similar attitude towards Shuuei) ^^;

Shoot. I don't know if we'll get that story or not?? It's part of when Ryuuren is staying at Shuuei's home and considers Shuurei and Eigetsu as his friends. Shuurei and Eigetsu ask Ryuuren to come for dinner and so Ryuuren hits all the gambling spots to earn money to buy some stuffs to take for dinner. While at it, he runs into someone who drops a mask. Ryuuren immediately recognizes the face on the mask as Shouka's and can only assume that the person who'd had it was up to no good. He then leaves his winnings with that person (sic he throws it at him) and runs off with the mask. ^^;

Wow, what a jumbled mess. ^^;